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Project Description

This Project has the purpose of create a set of component that emulate the new functionality of SharePoint 2013 that is the new App Model for SharePoint 2010.


At this time, the project contains the Project Template for creating simple SharePoint 2010 Hosted App in Visual Studio 2012.
This is based on SandBox Solution and the Client Side Object Model of SharePoint 2010.

Now in the Visual Studio Gallery


How to use

For using this first Project Template you must:
  • Download and build the source code
  • Copy the Template on this path: My Documents \ Visual Studio 2012 \ Templates \ ProjectTemplates
  • Install from Visual Studio Extension Manager or download from here
  1. Create new project (The Template is located on the C# projects node)
  2. Set the Site Url in the properties of the project
  3. Insert your SharePoint artifacts, write your custom JavaScript code and press F5 button to run.

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Enjoy your project!

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